Dr Kehn Yapp graduated from The University of Melbourne with degrees in Bachelor of Dental Science (2008) and Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Endodontics (2013). He is a member of the Australian Dental Association.

Kehn has a caring and empathetic approach toward quality centred patient care. His focus is on helping you make treatment decisions that are in your best long-term interests.

Dr Kehn Yapp is a pioneer in teaching about endodontic outcomes that are important to patients. This focuses on preserving critical areas of tooth structure, whilst addressing endodontic goals of disinfection and achieving biological healing. It maximises the amount of tooth structure remaining for the dentist who can restore the tooth with confidence in achieving a good long term patient outcome.

All procedures are done using the operating microscope to allow for the highest level of precision and ensure all the important treatment goals are met.

Dr Yapp has lectured at several international and Australian dental and endodontic conferences in the areas of diagnostic decision making and probability theory, cognitive and perceptual factors in image interpretation, microscope team training and ergonomics and restorative aspects of endodontic treatment planning. Kehn also provides hands on teaching for teams of endodontists and assistants in using the microscope efficiently and together, to operate at the highest level. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, travelling, cooking and keeping fit.