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Dr. Sanil Kalyan


Dr Sanil Kalyan joined our team from Albany, Western Australia after working for 5 years. His prior experiences included working in Geraldton and QLD. He graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours. His desire for knowledge is reflected in the many continuing education courses he attends. He recently graduated from a 1 year gIDE Master Clinician Program via the globally run gIDE institute in implant dentistry.

While Sanil enjoys all aspects of dentistry which includes, routine restorations, working with children, crowns and bridges, CAD CAM technology, endodontics, his special interest is in implant and aesthetic dentistry.

Sanil understands the importance of empathy, patience and building trusting relationships as keys to instilling confidence for his patients and allowing them to regain pride in their oral health.

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Dr. Mina Pillai


Mina graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand and brings with her over 20 years of experience working as a general dentist predominantly in Australia.

“I chose dentistry as a career as I liked the idea of growing from the consistent challenges that come from being in the dental profession. Whether it is a small impact or one that has a big change in my patient’s health, I am privileged to be able to participate in their life.”

Keeping up with continuing education has become a hobby, and Mina finds it exciting to put into practice new evidence based knowledge that would help her patients feel and look their best.

Outside of work she loves a bit of adventure and creative pursuits. She is a keen reader and enjoys spending time with her husband and friends especially over food and coffee.

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Dr. Ellie Shih


Dr Ellie grew up in the Sunshine State and graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours). Having had many positive dental experiences when she was younger, Ellie wanted to provide the same for her patients. After working in both public and private sectors in Toowoomba and Brisbane, Ellie decided to relocate to Darwin for a change of scenery and hopes to stay long term.

Ellie’s areas of interest include restorative dentistry, sleep apnoea and Invisalign. She also enjoys treating kids! Ellie is also fluent in Mandarin. In her spare time, Ellie loves to travel, working out at the gym, and exploring new cafes and restaurants.

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Dr. Li Yang Lim


Li Yang graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours. Having worked at private and public clinics in rural and urban environments, he is skilled in treating patients from all walks of life.

With Li Yang, nothing is more important than patient-centred care. He prides himself in putting patient comfort first, and patients know him to be extremely gentle and caring. Beyond dedication to lifelong learning, Li Yang aims to remain at the forefront of modern dentistry, ensuring fast, conservative and effective treatments for patients.

He consider himself a dentist who practices green dentistry, in other words, the less damage we do to the teeth now, then the healthier and stronger they will be in the future, hopefully meaning less treatment.

In his free time, Li Yang freelances as a graphic designer for websites, applications, and books. His keen eye for details and dexterity in graphic designing has definitely lent themselves into the field of dentistry. He can speak Mandarin, English and Malay

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Dr. Peter Tobia


Peter has completed his B.Ds degree in Oral Surgery and Dental Medicine in Egypt. He has been practicing dentistry for 5 years both overseas and here in Australia. He worked in a research hospital where he gained his outstanding experience in surgical teeth extractions, endodontics and cosmetics. He obtained his Australian Dental Qualifications in July 2021 and since then he is teaching overseas dentists willing to practice dentistry in Australia. Outside dentistry, Peter enjoys hiking and playing tennis. Peter speaks three languages: English, Coptic and Arabic.

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Dr. Danica Zhan


Dr Danica Zhan graduated from the University of Queensland with Class I Honours.

She enjoys all aspects of general dentistry. Her work ethos is centred around improving the quality of life for her patients and to help create life-long healthy happy smiles.

She has recently been accepted by the University of Sydney to undertake a Masters in Orofacial Pain so that she can better help her patients.

Outside of work, Danica loves staying active at F45 and trying new foods.

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Mr. Brian


Brian obtained a Diploma of Dental Hygiene from the University of TAFE (Adelaide) in 2003.

Prior to joining Smith Street Dental in Darwin he has built up a diverse repertoire of skills practicing across urban areas like Perth and Sydney as well as rural areas like Rockhampton.

He is an experienced dental hygienist who can offer you a range of holistically designed dental procedures from simple prevention to periodontal disease and management.

Aside from oral care, Brian likes listening to classical music, enjoys Asian food, loves to travel and learn new languages.

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Ms. Ronda Shaw


Ronda is an oral health therapist with patience and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She has an empathetic and caring approach to patient care along with proficient, highly technical clinical skills. Ronda is extremely confident to work on her own and is able to put even the youngest of patients at ease.

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Ms. Zoey Zheng

Oral Health Therapist

Zoey graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy. Zoey enjoys practising all components of oral health therapy. She is a firm believer in preventive dentistry and is passionate about empowering her patients to improve their oral health via education.

Zoey strives to keep up with the latest advances in dentistry to provide her patients with the best possible care. As a result, she regularly undertakes continuing professional development courses. She is also a member of the Dental Hygienists Association of Australia and the Australian Dental and Oral Health Therapists Association.

Outside of work, Zoey enjoys running and spending time with family and friends.

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Ms. Crona

Oral Health Therapist

beloved OHT.

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